Domestic Livestock

Custom butcher operations are available for people who want a domestic animal butchered and/or processed for their own personal consumption. The meat is typically procured by an individual from a local farmer, then turned over to Boggy Bayou Processing to be professionally slaughtered, cut and packaged. 

Standard types of custom cut meats include: 

- Cattle 
- Sheep 
- Goats 
- Pigs 
- Other domestic livestock 

If you are interested in being referred to a farmer to purchase an animal for processing, please contact us.

Find a Farmer

Boggy Bayou Processing will gladly slaughter and process any domestic livestock you request. If you are in search of an animal, we proudly partner with Louisiana farms who sustainably raise livestock.  

Please contact us for a farmer referral.  

If you choose to purchase livestock from a farm we’ve referred, we can work directly with them for delivery of the animal. We’ll contact you when your meat is ready.  

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