Why is it called Boggy Bayou?

Our facility is located on Boggy Bayou Road in Concordia Parish, Louisiana, but the name also speaks to our roots. The founders were born and raised in Louisiana, and we’re proud to call it home today.

For game processing or custom cuts, how long does it take for my meat to be processed?

We do our best to prepare your meat as quickly as possible, especially for our many customers who are in town for a limited amount of time while visiting on hunting trips or on lake weekends. But as you can expect, the amount of time we spend processing depends on the quantity and type of meat.  

- Domestic beef requires a 14-day chill time after slaughter, but we can accommodate longer chill times upon request. After the chill time, we will process and package your meat. 

- Domestic pork requires a 3-4 day chill time after slaughter. After the chill time, we will process and package your meat. 

- Wild game processing time depends on our current volume. During peak hunting season, expect to receive your packaged order in about 7-10 days. 

What’s the difference in custom cuts and specialty cuts?

Good question.  

Custom cuts are what they sound like – custom orders. If you bring us an animal, we can process the meat for you. The best example of this is a family that may purchase a cow or hog directly from a local farmer. We’ll process the meat and provide the family with all the steaks, ground beef, pork chops or any other cut from the animal they provided.  

Specialty cuts are already processed and are sold as they’re available. A great example of this is if we’ve found a great wholesale supply of fresh, grass-fed ground beef, and we offer it to our customers while it lasts. If you’re interested in specialty cuts, make sure to sign up for our email list – we’ll let you know when they’re available! 

Do you ship sausage?

Not yet, but we hope to offer that service soon. Sign up for our email list to be notified of when shipping becomes available.

Do you accept walk-ins at your facility?

Smoked sausage and specialty cut meats are available to walk-in retail customers Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Alternate pickup times are available by appointment. Please contact us to schedule yours.  

Domestic livestock and wild game processing are by appointment only. Please contact us to get on our processing schedule.  

What are your prices?

Sausage and specialty cuts are priced by the pound. Contact us for pricing for your order.

 For domestic livestock and wild game processing, prices are as follows: 

- Domestic beef: Kill & Chill $0.15/Lb Hanging Weight, Processing $0.90/Lb

- Domestic and wild pork: $50 for slaughter and chill, $0.65 per pound of hanging weight for processing 

- Deer: $30 for skinning, $50 for skinning and gutting, $65 for the cape, $50 for processing ($65 for deer over 165 pounds live weight) 

When are specialty cut meats available?

Our specialty cut meats are sold on an as-available basis. Click here to sign up for our email list, and we’ll let you know what we’ve got as soon as it’s available. 

Is your sausage the same as Greg Poole’s sausage?

Yes. Greg Poole was our inspiration, and he was involved in the startup for Boggy Bayou Processing. Boggy Bayou sausage recipes are based on Greg Poole’s recipes. Together, we perfected each flavor, and we look forward to you enjoying each one.